Assigning tasks without inviting members


Hello! I would like to be able to assign tasks to people without inviting them to Asana / create people without having to send out an invite. The reason for this is so that I can keep track of workload. The team is currently not ready for a task management system like this, so I just want to start by having those assignments documented for follow up.



Hi Tom,
To my knowledge this is not possible, so what I do in this cases I use a tag per person to filter for their tasks, or write the name in front of the task.
Or a combination.
Have a wonderful day


Create accounts for your team-mates without using their real addresses. That way you can assign them task but they won’t know. Or use their real email and disable email notifications :wink:


could always just tag the tasks with the member names, so you can at least run searches/reports or sort by tag.

I would recommend a custom field instead, but tags work too for that =)