Add names of people without email

I want to add tasks and assign a name of a person, but not add any email, just a name, how can I do that?

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Hi @Greg_Sharir! I’m afraid this is not possible; you can only assign tasks to members who have registered an account with their email address. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Hi Marie,
Do you know if this feature will be developed in the near future?

Hi @Mirabelle, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

As it stands, it’s currently only possible to collaborate with members that have Asana accounts. We don’t have plans to implement a similar feature. As a workaround you can create custom fields and add more information from people that is not part of your Organization, for example names!

I hope this helps!

I’ve experimented using the method you describe above, but these recourse named in a ‘custom’ field are not reflected in the calendar, and if using an integrated solution (Instagantt) are not passed into the resource field.

Unfortunately, it is this precise issue that ultimately resulted in deciding to drop Asana, and look/use alternative solutions.