Creating backup/cloned templates

Our team was trained that to create a backup template, you should go to a template, click Use template, change name of the template to include “Backup”, Select a team (separate Backup team), and Create project. See attached for how I have saved a few backups.

However, those backups templates are not templates - they are projects. How can we make them a template? Or I guess if this isn’t the right process, how do we clone/back up templates? Thank you.

@Rachel_Roush - Nice work on getting active in the forum! :slight_smile:

The last step is to go into each of those Backups and then click the drowpdown and “Save as Template”.

So, for now, to clone a template, you have to go from template > project > back to template.

There’s been rumblings of a button in the future to just clone the template directly, but until then, this is an interim solution.

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Hello @Bry_ProjectKickstart ! I was missing that last step. THANK YOU!

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so close to doing it !!!