Creating Asana issue from Slack Workflow

Note: This is separate from the Asana “app” that is available from the Slack command line via “/asana …”.

Would like to have an Asana Create Issue “step” for Slack workflow. This would allow for the semi-automated integration from Slack to Asana.

Use case:

  1. User navigagtes to the relevant slack chanel.
  2. User selects a shortcut, which corresponds to a Slack workflow.
  3. Workflow presents a form for the user to populate the applicable fields.
  4. Workflow would then create an Asana issue containing data from the form.


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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Justin_Harris! and welcome to the Asana Community Forum! As it stands, we don’t offer an Asana for Slack Workflow integration. Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future.