Can't publish Workflows


One of the users in my organization is having trouble creating workflows with a slack integration for their board in Asana.

They are able to start the set up for a workflow, but when they try and select “Finish Up” the button is greyed out.

Is there a specific reason for this?

Hi @Jonathan_Lerner ,

Do you have screenshots from this user of what they’re trying to build? It sounds like they probably either didn’t fill out a required step or there’s an error in one step (e.g., they didn’t authenticate their Slack connection to include the app or something), but it’s hard to know without a bit more context.

Here are the screenshots the user provided. They said this is the entirety of the workflow they set up

Ah gotcha, so they’re building in Slack (using the Workflows feature there) with a connector to Asana; I misunderstood and thought they were building in Asana using the Workflow tab of a project.

I’m only lightly familiar with Slack’s Workflow tool so someone else may want to weigh in (or you could join Slack’s community forum and ask there as well), but my best guess is that this is a permission issue within Slack (e.g. this user doesn’t have rights to publish workflows or to do so in that specific channel). Maybe you could ask them to decompose their workflow and try publishing after each step to see where it breaks?