Creating a working workflow using multiple complete task triggers

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I’m trying to create a workflow using the completed task trigger to move tasks between columns (in board view) and reassign to different people at each stage. When the task reaches the next column and is reassigned it’s then automatically marked as incomplete again so that the new person can complete the task, and trigger the process to move the task to the next column and next person.

The issue i’ve found is that when I complete the task in the first column, all the tiggers happen and the task jumps between columns multiple times before finishing in a random column (seems to be a different one each time).

I’m wondering if the issue is because using the ‘completed task’ trigger isn’t specific enough to be localised to a specific section, and each time a task is completed every rule that has that trigger starts working.

Has anyone else had an issue like this, or tried to make a workflow using these similar triggers and actions? Can anyone give any advice?

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Hi @Dan_Benham, welcome to the Asana Community Forum, and thanks for reporting this! Do you mind sending me a screenshot of your Workflow so I can try to recreate each step? From your description, I see you would like to assign the task to a specific person each time a task is moved to the next column, for example:

Looking forward to your reply!


Thanks for your reply. Attached is a screenshot of part of the workflow, there’s a few more stages off screen but they’re the same as what you can see here. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Dan_Benham, thanks for sending the screenshot, and sorry for the delay in responding! From your screenshot, I see your workflow just include one trigger to move tasks to the sections: “Task marked complete”. For the rule to work and move tasks between sections, you would need to add a “Status” custom field to the project. With this field, you can say that tasks marked complete and which also include the specific field, move automatically to the next stage in the process. See example below:

Let me know if this works!

Hi Emily,

Thank you for having a look into this, that’s really helpful! I’ll have a look at implementing this in our workflow.

Thanks for you help!

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