Creating A Template For Estimates

Has anyone used Asana to create project estimates? When we build an estimate we have many options which we can pick and choose which we want to add to the estimate. I’d like to have something like this where then I can export a pdf of the options that I choose.


You could make an Asana project for the estimate, where the tasks are the line items, and custom fields (with a paid plan) could specify options and the Filter at the top of the project could produce different quotes that you could save as PDF.

But Asana’s PDF is not customizable; it will respect your filters, but all tasks will display their contents in full (which may be ok).

For more flexibility in outputs, you could consider Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

Hope that helps,


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Hi Larry
Thanks for this. I hadn’t heard of Asana2Go before. Have installed the extension now. Based on what you’ve outlined I’ll have to really think about how I want this setup and using custom fields which I’ve done little with at this point but does sound doable for what I want to achieve.


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