Creating a Gantt type charge for template


I have a template that has individual tasks that go over a one month period. I would like to add how long a tasks takes.

Task one takes 3 days
Task two takes 5 days
Task three takes 1 day

So, when I add a start date or an end date, it can automatically add due dates onto those tasks based on those parameters.

Is this possible?


Hi @Stacy_L_Carlson,

I’m working on a tool that sets dynamics due dates for templates. It doesn’t work yet with start dates, however one workaround is to set 2 tasks, one for the kick-off and other for the delivery.

Would you be interested in being a beta-tester of this product?

Best regards,


Yes, I would be interested in taking a look at it.


That’s great. I’m sending you my contact information so we can schedule a demo call.