Create tasks from "conversations": gone?


The “+” option has been removed from conversations, and replaced by a simple “@” sign that’s not really useful (who cannot type “@” on their keyboard? :slight_smile:).

It changes the workflow of our team. We use Asana to keep minutes of our meetings and create tasks at the same time.

Now, we’d have to type minutes, open projects and create tasks, then “@” each task individually. What a hassle!

Is it possible to offer both options? “@” and “Add task”.



Really need this feature back. It’s a natural work flow to have discussion followed by the assignment of tasks!



It’s really stupid to have delete this “+” button ! Please, bring it back ASAP.


As a work around, you can copy/paste the URLs to tasks in the conversation and it should work in a similar way, however you’ll need to create the tasks first (I use a different tab).


Agreed, also really miss the “+” button!


I really miss this feature. It was the main reason I used Asana over other tools. I used the + to add a todo while I was taking notes about a conversation. This made it quick to add todo’s and when I got around to the todo I could quickly link back to the conversation and understand the context of the task.

This was the main feature I liked about Asana. I’m really frustrated that it is gone.


@Nathan_Snyder @Sam_P @Chandler @Alexandre_AUMAITRE @Richard_Bair & @Habib-Sylvain_Gourgu

I totally agree with you here. However, you need to make sure you have added your ‘vote’ to this - at the moment there are seven of us saying the same thing with only 4 votes :thinking:


Although I never got to use it I think this feature makes a lot of sense… I saw in a video but I thought I did not have it.

Why was it removed?


3 months later, the feature is not back. :frowning:

When Asana’s own “product guide” still mentions it and shows it in screenshots!

Removing this feature has gone against what Asana is supposed to bring: efficiency and ease-of-use.



Definitely still need this feature!


I’m new to Asana and miss this feature, now find out it was there!?
Please bring it back, it will make my work easier. Isn’t that what Asana is about?


Agree with the above, I saw it on the product video and was really looking forward to using it for creating tasks during our team’s weekly retro calls, but now it’s gone! :frowning:


Any consideration of this item expected near-term?



I agree with many of the comments made here. This seems like a core feature for Asana if they’re trying to position this tool as a collaboration and communication application. I have voted to have this feature returned.

@Asana Until this feature is replaced, please remove the misleading documentation that tells users this capability exists. I expected it to exist, I found the documentation that said it did, it was a factor in my team purchase and now this forum is the only placed where I’ve learned that it does not. Let’s at least clean that up.


Hi @Habib-Sylvain_Gourgu, @Richard_Bair, @Alexandre_AUMAITRE, @Sam_P, @Nathan_Snyder, @Ruth_Newnham, @pedro_prada, @Koen_van_de_Zanden, @David_Peralta, @Richard_Bair, @Stan_Goodell

Thanks for reaching out to us about the removal of this button. We hear you & absolutely appreciate your concerns though allow me to explain the rationale for it’s removal.

The reasoning behind is that you’re able to create Tasks using the quick add (+) button at the top bar of Asana. Having the ability to create Tasks in two places within the same screen was seen as redundant, therefore we chose to streamline things and strengthen the link between the creation of Tasks and the quick add button since it’s universally accessible in all areas of Asana.

That said, our team values your thoughts and are actively recording your feedback for review the next time we revisit this feature!

Thanks in advance for your understanding, though I do hope this helps add a sense of transparency to our Team’s reasoning. :slight_smile:


Please bring this feature back. I just spent 20 minutes running through the help guide because I thought I was crazy when I noticed I couldn’t make a task.

I really miss this feature as it is more natural for me to hammer out tasks while I’m posting in project conversations. It was one of the best parts of the conversations feature :slight_smile: