Messages API

Messages is a core part of the platform and we need to be able to post messages from our other systems to Asana. Without this, the value of the product goes down significantly. When will this be released?

Your sarcastic tone is not helping, please consider rewriting your message, with respect for the people like us trying to help.


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Ok done, sorry if it sounded like that.

Thanks for re-writing :slight_smile: I will happily give my point of view now!

In another thread you commented the former API lead said they had this on the roadmap, and sadly we don’t have access to the roadmap state. What I can tell is that after working with almost 300 clients, almost no one is using Messages, which could explain that the API team did not prioritise this part. It does not make it acceptable though, just wanted to point it out as a possible cause :person_shrugging:

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Thank you, that’s helpful to know. We have created a kind of clunky workaround that we post tasks, but in every project we have a section called “Inbox” which is for “Tasks that are actually messages”. Not good but works.
Negatives are that we can’t search for only messages, and there’s no “Create follow up task” button. Plus it gets confusing and there’s risk that people actually start using “Tasks that represent messages” as actual Tasks, in which case it breaks the way we need to work in Asana. (We’re supposed to create “Follow Up tasks” rather than using “Messages” as tasks.)

I do what you describe all the time! We usually use a special emoji (like :speech_balloon: ) in front of the task name. You can also multi-home them all into a single project to be able to search for “discussion tasks” easily :person_shrugging: