Create follow-up task on iOS from Task Options


I love creating follow up tasks - is this feature available on mobile iOS app?



I thought there was and I just checked, there isn’t :frowning:

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Hi @aleksandra.albera and @Bastien_Siebman! This feature was implemented recently and it’s available in your Inbox. You can swipe to the left and the “Create follow-up” option will appear.


@Emily_Roman - Is there a plan to incorporate the follow-up task creation into the standard task action items (like on desktop) as opposed to only being available as a swipe option in the Inbox? It’s not only needed on tasks once they appear in the inbox.

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Very good point, @Emily_Roman can we turn the thread into a Product feedback so we can vote on it?

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I’m with you guys :raised_back_of_hand:t3:

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@Alece_Ronzino, @Bastien_Siebman, @aleksandra.albera and @Emily_Roman I changed this thread to #productfeedback so we could upvote The suggestion by @Alece_Ronzino. I also slightly changed the name and took this screen recording:


Hi everyone! thanks for your feedback here, I’ll keep you posted once I have news about this feature.

Thanks @Jerod_Hillard for moving the thread to the #productfeedback category and updating the title! :star:

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