Ideas to improve creation of Follow Up Tasks



Hello fellow Asana Gurus!

How many of you use the Create Follow Up task feature?
I started using it a lot lately and I have found few things that require some efficiencies, not sure what your thoughts are:

  1. When you create a follow up task, the pop up window appears - the follow up task is not assigned to any project. I think it is fair to assume that the follow up should be automatically assigned within the same project and have us delete if that is not the case.
  2. When I add the project to the follow up task, there is no where on the pop up window that allows me to automatically move the task to its relevant section. I have to wait until it is created then I need to move it within the project
  3. I like that I can immediately edit the custom fields in it, adding a document there and then would also be great feature to have.

This means that the minute I click create, the entire task is ready to go and requires no additional house keeping from my end!



Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @RashadIssa; I agree with you, there is definitely room for improving this feature!

I’m not sure if I’d like the follow-up task to be automatically added to the parent project as I often use this feature to create a reminder for myself; I don’t necessarily want other project members to have access to it. With that said, I’d love to select a section and add the task to the project in one step!


Yes, I see the feature of adding follow up to yourself.
Different user cases :slight_smile: and both are valid.

I use the follow up within the same project in various ways. One way is while capturing minutes of meeting that belong to a key milestone.
Any action item that is relevant to that milestone kick off or sign off, is created as a follow up! Hence, why the default of the same project would work for me. :wink:


I would love the new task defaults to its parent project… (looks like this Extra feature is not in my Extra personnal menu anymore… but a mainstream functionality)