Create Custom Action on Asana Task Detail and/or List

hi @all,

whats the best way to create a cutom action element on the original Asana Task Detail and/or List Page.
Thanks for first hints or keywords to come into this flow.

greets thomas

Hi @Thomas_Seifert and welcome to the forum!

It sounds like you’re talking about wanting to add a UI element that triggers some action. On that assumption, I’ll answer.

There’s no official way to do it. Asana has no UI component to its API.

There are some folks who have written browser extensions that hook into the Asana UI. Probably the most well-known one is:

which is open source so you can see on Github how he did it.

So you can certainly write a browser extension if you want. Please note, though, that since it’s not supported, Asana doesn’t recommend you do it, and of course they can (and do) change their UI not infrequently and any change can potentially break your extension without advance warning.

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Another well-known extension (thousands of users) that does this is Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator). I haven’t reviewed @ShunS’s code, but I’d recommend insulating your work as much as possible for the reasons @Phil_Seeman mentions. That’s what I did with Asana2Go. You just have to guess at what the most durable part of the Asana UI is to glom on to, and mostly try to be as minimal as possible with touchpoints.


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Duh, of course - sorry @lpb, don’t how I forgot that yours is also a browser extension!

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@Phil_Seeman, It must be that Asana2Go minimal footprint that made you forget it’s an extension!!


Thank you for introducing my extension :slight_smile: Here’s the source code on GitHub.
@Phil_Seeman and @lpb are right. Asana’s UI frequently changes, including the structure and class names. I’m not able to follow up all the changes.

I’d like to also introduce my favorite Chrome extension: Asana Load More. It’s quite simple but beautiful.
I haven’t seen its source code myself, but we can see the code of any Chrome extensions by locating a specific folder.

@Thomas_Seifert, I’d appreciate it if you can let us know what kind of action elements you want to create, so that we can better support you!

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