Create "Close Dependencies" Trigger

We have a number of projects for the same team which are fundamentally the same, and therefore created using the same templates.
However, there are occasions where some of the tasks/subtasks may not apply to the specific project in development.
At present we name these tasks “If Applicable” and need to close them all out manually.
It would be great if when we close tasks which are not required this could also trigger other linked and/or dependant tasks to also close.

Did you consider placing them all into a section and deleting the section all at once with the tasks? It might not be applicable if your tasks are spread across the project.

Thanks Bastien,

We did try exactly that suggestion, and it didnt work for exactly the reason you mentioned :smiley:
In some cases the tasks are actually connected across multiple projects.

The other idea we thought could work wonders for us, was if there was a ‘close subtasks’ option when completing parent tasks. That feature might be something we could potentially ‘manipulate’ in our favour via rules etc.