Create automated response to project

We use a project as a ticketing system. Other departments send use requests/tasks.
We would like to automate a response that the task/request/ticket has been received.

Is that possible?


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Whenever a form submission is sent a confirmation message is displayed and

Since the form also comes with a default field for email that means people will also receive a confirmation of their submission via email.

Now if you want to take things further you can use rules to automate more.

For example in a project for all tasks created by a form submission you can set up a rule and trigger another email to be sent via the Gmail integration

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Thank you @Andrea_Mayer
Can we customize the displayed message ?and the email?

Thank you.

Yes you can,

to customize the displayed message you can do so under form settings, more info here Forms • Asana Product Guide.

And for the email being sent via the gmail integration see the link I shared above you can set any message you’d like to have.