Create a Task from a SF Custom Object

I’ve asked Asana Support but they are unable to help.
In Salesforce we have a Custom Object. When a new record is created on this Object we want a task to be automatically created in Asana. I have created a flow for this but it is not creating the task:

The Get Records element works:

Find all ADM_Activities__c records where

Id Equals {!$Record.Id} (aCL3L00000002HaWAI)

Store the values of these fields in ADM_Relationship: Id


Successfully found records.

But the Apex Action to create the Task in Asana does not:


name = {!$Record.Id} (aCL3L00000002HaWAI)

project = 1202822429124570

addObjectDetails = true

sObjectId = {!$Record.Id} (aCL3L00000002HaWAI)



Any ideas?


Where did you create the flow?