How can I troubleshoot the Salesforce Create Asana Task Action?

I have a flow trigger built which calls the Apex action AsanaPublic__AsanaCustomTaskAction (Apex): Create Feature Request Asana Ticket (example inputs/outputs below). The connected user is me and I created the Asana project referenced in the flow variable but when I debug the flow this action triggers, however no task is ever created.
I’ve verified the project id. I’ve disconnected my authentication and reconnected it. And now I’m out of options because no error is returned to Salesforce nor am I seeing any indication of an issue within Asana. I’ve opened the developer console and I see the calls going into the AsanaPublic managed package but no reported errors and all SOQL queries executed within those steps return the expected one row result. I also confirmed no new package version exists, I’m running v 1.38.0

What else can I do here?

name = {!$Record.Subject} (My test case)
project = {!asana_ProjectId} (12****)
addObjectDetails = true
sObjectId = {!$Record.Id} (5005****)