Automatically relating Asana tasks to Salesforce Opportunities using Flow

Hi all,

Any Flow experts out there?

Context of my project:
I have built a flow that automatically grabs an Asana template based on the Opportunity Product(s) and creates a Project in Asana. The project is then auto-related to the opportunity and clickable within Salesforce. So far so good.

What I would like to happen from here is the first 3 tasks created within the Project be automatically Assigned To the Opportunity Owner AND be related to the Opportunity. I know I can create tasks using an Apex action (the same way I create projects), but I am already creating the tasks by creating the project.

So from Asana, can I automatically assign tasks to Salesforce users using Flow? Or do I have to create tasks using the Apex action in Flow? At which point, I have the reverse problem where I need those tasks to be related to a project.