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I have been browsing this forum for a bit now and see that a request for Start Date and End Date has been around since AT LEAST 2017! What is wrong with you? Absolutely EVERY project management system I have worked with for the past 30 years has had these fields. What business environment are you guys living in that doesn’t require the tracking of these. This is project management 101!!! I was flabbergasted when I went to create these custom fields and found that I can only crate a text, list box or number field. What gives? It is obvious that time seems important to you - as you have dates in your forums. How are you defining yourself as a company? Are you saying that you are NOT a project management software? Is this one of those new fangled business categories that I seemed to have missed the memo on? My company is paying A LOT of money to use this software. We are “Business” level. Hopefully you have a much better internal system that tracks your programming requests and get this out there for folks ASAP. And by that I mean by the end of the week! Countdown is on. As you can bet that I will be tracking this myself and will definitely be recommending a change in usage if I see one of those fluffy/no help responses to this unbelievably simple request.

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I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment.
Just want to clarify, are you referring to the following features?

Task Due Dates, Due Times & Date Ranges


Although Asana has many gaping feature holes, Start and End dates are native fields, with native date formats:



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As @Stephanie_Oberg has already pointed out, this Feature is indeed available. You’re able to set a start and end date. You can even set a time…


Is there a way to create other custom date fields. For example “follow up date”. There are some tasks that we don’t really have a due date but we want to track a start date. Is that possible? I was having issues with my login yesterday so that might be the reason why I didn’t see the start date under the due date (not very intuitive place for it BTW). I was able to put in most of the dates on my project but some of them still require other dates. For example planned vs actual dates.

@Kathleen_Schultz there is currently not a way to add a date custom field, …yet…

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