Create a feature to show that there are tasks 'behind' other tasks


Is it a possibility to show within one blink of an eye that behind certain tasks in the category ‘list’ are multiple tasks assigned to it? Without actually having to click on the task, which is the case at the moment.

And furthermore, is there a possibility that whenever you’ve completed a task, that it doesn’t dissapear from the ‘list’ overview?



By “behind”, are you talking about subtasks? If yes, then today there are no indications a task has a subtask. If you want further information on subtasks, you can have a glance at this topic here:

Yes there is a possibility, just click on the “Change view” button at the top right corner of the list, then select “all tasks” and save the view for everyone, as on the picture below:

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the quick reply!

In my opinion, not having the ability to view that there are subtasks (without having to actually see what the subtasks are) within normal tasks is a major blocker in using Asana for my and my team…

Anyhow, thanks for the support:)




You’re welcome :slight_smile:

There were already a topic asking to show subtasks (see Feature request: show subtasks in lists), and it has been closed, I guess Asana Team is working on that point.
If you give a glance to this topic, there are some tricks given at the beginning.
However, I totaly agree subtasks should appear more clearly. In my company, we avoid using them for the moment, and we use sections and custom fields a lot instead.