Could not connect service. I can´t connect IFTTT with asana

Here’s a workaround:

Step #1: IFTTT recipe

  • Google Assistant > Google Sheets (new spreadsheet row)

Step #2 Zapier zap

  • Google Sheets > Asana


  1. IFTTT will create a new spreadsheet after hitting 2000 rows (I just created a task to periodically clean out the spreadsheet)
  2. Zapier costs money after a certain number of executions
  3. There is a noticeable delay (about 2 minutes in my testing)

Hope that helps if this is also a critical service for you.

Since IFTTT is still not working with the Asana service, I replaced my simple Google Assistant > Asana “Task to Self” applet described above with an even simpler one (and also simpler than @Amin_Lakhani’s immediately above because it doesn’t require 1) needing to use both IFTTT and Zapier, and 2) needing to authorize GSheets access):

First, create this applet in IFTTT:

Then set up a filter (in Gmail in my case) to forward messages that match this signature to That’s enough to create simple voice reminders, etc. as task titles (albeit with some junk in the body courtesy of IFTTT).

I still hope @Ross_Grambo will keep the pressure up with them though!



Nice – does this add due dates to your tasks? I like having my voice tasks show up in my regular workflow, and I think that would be the only thing missing from this solution for me (other than built-up junk in Gmail that might compromise search effectiveness).

@Amin_Lakhani, The Gmail filter can delete the email as part of the filter definition if desired. The mail-to-Asana feature doesn’t support a due date. I use this for quick reminders to my My Tasks, but then add due dates, projects, etc. as needed when I have more time.

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Has anyone had luck here? I’m new at IFTTT and seems the only issue I have to connect apps is when it involves Asana.

For reference I am trying to have a Google sheet updated for every completed Asana task.

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@sofia.a, try Zapier instead. Asana changed some of the internals of their API and IFTTT has to date not updated their code to reflect the Asana change - but Zapier did make the necessary updates on their end, so it should work fine.

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Come on guys! This is the reason we don’t have flying cars in 2020 yet!
It should be an easy fix Asana, we should not be needing Zapier or IFTTT to do such a simple sync between Asana and Google. You realize this is a major disadvantage why people would go to other competitors of Asana because of this issue alone! I have no background in programming yet I managed with the help of my brother to create a bot from scratch that is able to do this sync, is anyone in Asana willing to help us improve our bot? If so please contact me on my email.

In regards to Asana and IFTTT. I’ve been speaking with their platform team. They rolled out a fix in January that fixed the Asana Service. You can now connect to the Asana service in IFTTT.

The remaining issue is that the Applets need updating as well. I’m still working with them on getting the standard Asana Applets fixed (the ones that say “By Asana”). The code is in their codebase so we’re waiting to get some of their developers time to get it fixed.

Sorry that this is broken in the meantime! For those who are interested, you can make your own IFTTT Applet with the Asana Service for your integration if you need to be unblocked asap.

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Could someone try and create a IFTTT Asana connection and report back here? We’re in the classic software situation where it works when the IFTTT team tries it, but fails when our team tries it. I’d love to hear if it’s working for some of you.

Pick any of the options from that say they are by “Asana”.

This is one that failed for us but succeeded for them:

Hey @Ross_Grambo,

I have good news and bad news (and it’s the same news!) - I tried the applet you suggested and it worked perfectly. I completed a task in the designated project, and maybe 30 seconds later, a new sheet appeared in my Google account with the name of the project, and with that competed task in it in row 1.

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Honestly I’m happy to hear that!

Let me know if anyone else has any issues here, otherwise I’ll consider this fixed!


I just tried creating an applet (that used to work fine months ago before the ongoing problem) with an Action of Create Task and I can’t get past this “Loading…” to enable the Create Action button at the bottom of the fields:


So the problem I reported a long time ago is definitely not fixed for me. (This is different than what you asked to be tested but wanted to report in case you can pass along to IFTTT. Frustrating.)



@lpb, could I get the applet ID or a link to the applet you’re trying to create?

@Ross_Grambo, Since I can’t create the action, I can’t create the applet yet.

Sorry and thanks,


Wait there’s 2 different verbs to IFTTT. “Creating” an applet, and “Connecting” an applet.

If you’re creating an applet, you’re given an id (mine looks like “mfGhqLu9”) before you’re able to test it. It will show up at the end of the url when you login to, click on Applets, and pick your applet.

If you’re connecting an applet, the ID is in the url while you’re filling out the fields. (ie:, in this scenario the ID is “imWdq6L7”)

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding? If I am, could you send me the url of where you’re seeing that screen?

EDIT: Regardless, I was able to reproduce your assignee issue. I’ll reach out to IFTTT.

I’m sorry for the lack of clarity on my part, @Ross_Grambo.

I start in and then get hung up at this point: .

I’m afraid they lost me with their UI update some time ago! I think I’m creating an applet but neither the menu nor the page I arrive at says that! I’m pretty sure it would end up, if it got created, in where my other ones are that I created the same way.

Thanks for being persistent (with me and with IFTTT!) and glad you reproduced it.


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Hey @lpb,

IFTTT was able to reproduce the bug. The root cause is that our API doesn’t return over 1000 users for a request to workspaces/{workspace_gid}/users. To get around this, IFTTT would need to implement paging. However, at this point they don’t have any plans to implement paging.

The IFTTT applet should work if the user’s domain has <1000 users. I think this endpoint includes disabled users, so it might become more of a problem for more domains in the future. I hope they decide to implement paging sometime soon.

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That’s great that they’re responsive and that it’s isolated, and thanks for all your work with them and me.

I’m confused. If I do I only get around 30 results.

Is there a chance they’re actually instead using:

because if I do that I get:

         "message":"The result is too large. You should use pagination (may require specifying a workspace)!",
         "help":"For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:"

I think they’re using that endpoint because no matter which workspace I choose in:

it always hangs–I don’t think they’re using the former endpoint. I think they should not be using that latter endpoint (if they are). If they’re using the former endpoint for the gid of the chosen workspace, then I’m not over 1000.

(Regardless of all that, since Assignee is optional according to their form, if they fail when trying to load it, why don’t they just set the input field to a valid “no assignee” value to let the form pass and just ignore it; they don’t need to implement paging to make this work. But really, the proper solution is to use the correct endpoint which is maybe not what they’re doing.)

Hope that makes sense! Maybe there’s a solution here!

Thanks again,


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I wish IFTTT would either fix this, or be a little bit more responsive to user feedback. But I’m guessing neither thing would happen.

I only have about 20 users and my Applets stopped working a few days ago. The January fix seem to have resolved them, but having problems again. Applet ID 104752929d - I tried disconnecting and reconnecting, but it loops when trying to authenticate to asana.