Could not connect service. I can´t connect IFTTT with asana

Here’s a workaround:

Step #1: IFTTT recipe

  • Google Assistant > Google Sheets (new spreadsheet row)

Step #2 Zapier zap

  • Google Sheets > Asana


  1. IFTTT will create a new spreadsheet after hitting 2000 rows (I just created a task to periodically clean out the spreadsheet)
  2. Zapier costs money after a certain number of executions
  3. There is a noticeable delay (about 2 minutes in my testing)

Hope that helps if this is also a critical service for you.

Since IFTTT is still not working with the Asana service, I replaced my simple Google Assistant > Asana “Task to Self” applet described above with an even simpler one (and also simpler than @Amin_Lakhani’s immediately above because it doesn’t require 1) needing to use both IFTTT and Zapier, and 2) needing to authorize GSheets access):

First, create this applet in IFTTT:

Then set up a filter (in Gmail in my case) to forward messages that match this signature to That’s enough to create simple voice reminders, etc. as task titles (albeit with some junk in the body courtesy of IFTTT).

I still hope @Ross_Grambo will keep the pressure up with them though!



Nice – does this add due dates to your tasks? I like having my voice tasks show up in my regular workflow, and I think that would be the only thing missing from this solution for me (other than built-up junk in Gmail that might compromise search effectiveness).

@Amin_Lakhani, The Gmail filter can delete the email as part of the filter definition if desired. The mail-to-Asana feature doesn’t support a due date. I use this for quick reminders to my My Tasks, but then add due dates, projects, etc. as needed when I have more time.

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Has anyone had luck here? I’m new at IFTTT and seems the only issue I have to connect apps is when it involves Asana.

For reference I am trying to have a Google sheet updated for every completed Asana task.

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@sofia.a, try Zapier instead. Asana changed some of the internals of their API and IFTTT has to date not updated their code to reflect the Asana change - but Zapier did make the necessary updates on their end, so it should work fine.

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Come on guys! This is the reason we don’t have flying cars in 2020 yet!
It should be an easy fix Asana, we should not be needing Zapier or IFTTT to do such a simple sync between Asana and Google. You realize this is a major disadvantage why people would go to other competitors of Asana because of this issue alone! I have no background in programming yet I managed with the help of my brother to create a bot from scratch that is able to do this sync, is anyone in Asana willing to help us improve our bot? If so please contact me on my email.

In regards to Asana and IFTTT. I’ve been speaking with their platform team. They rolled out a fix in January that fixed the Asana Service. You can now connect to the Asana service in IFTTT.

The remaining issue is that the Applets need updating as well. I’m still working with them on getting the standard Asana Applets fixed (the ones that say “By Asana”). The code is in their codebase so we’re waiting to get some of their developers time to get it fixed.

Sorry that this is broken in the meantime! For those who are interested, you can make your own IFTTT Applet with the Asana Service for your integration if you need to be unblocked asap.

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