Unable to use IFTTT Asana service to create recipes

Hi, not strictly related to this section topics but I hope someone can give me a hint: I am trying to create an IFTTT recipe using the Google assistant (voice) to create an Asana task, the problem is the Asana IFTTT service seems out of order, I always get the attached screen shot errors. Of course I tried to contact IFTTT, to no avail, no answer from them.

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Hey @Patrick_EMIN,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you’re having problems getting this IFTTT recipe to work. It sounds like a frustrating issue. I recommend you keep reaching out to IFTTT (though I assume you’ve already done this). I will also reach out to them.

Another approach is to build these types of connections yourself. While it would take more time and expertise to implement, Asana does have an open API, which allows you to build highly customized automations. We have client libraries to make it a bit easier to get started with development.


Thanks for your answer, yes I tried to reach out to them with no success… May be if we join forces they will give us an answer?

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Hi, did you try to reach out to them?

I report also having this error when I’ve tried using the New Project trigger.

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The asana IFTT service is still not working.
You can check why your applets fail on
ifttt com activity

+1. I get a " The Asana service or its API may temporarily be down." error message when attempting to use Asana with IFTTT.