Copying lists from excel straight into custom field creation

Building a custom field within a project from data in excel file.
Custom field is a list field
Copy the list from excel
Paste it to custom field creation - this does not work.

It means I have to manually create the list within custom field.

It will be good for custom fields creation tab to take copy-paste features from excel just like a copy-paste feature does on a list of tasks within a project board.


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a workaround is to create a project from a csv import. this will then create a custom field and you can add this new custom field to the library. Its not the best option, but its there.


Yes, thank you. This is not ideal, especially when the project is already created and I am only migrating few item from an excel.

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I created a tool to help create fields from a text list → Create a custom field drop down from a list [tool]

I hope this helps. It can even sort the options for you!