Adding an upload csv option for a list of custom fields

Feature request

  • Introduce an upload csv file option within custom fields

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.10.49 pm


  • Adding custom fields titles is manual and time consuming
  • Adding a long list of custom fields titles is more manual and more time consuming

Value prop

  • Allows users to easily implement and link a list of custom fields with other category / issue types across platforms, e.g. feedback, support issues, etc.
  • Allows more streamlined creation of custom fields to enhance reporting capabilities


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You could kinda do it already by uploading a CSV of a project containing a column with all your custom field options. It will create said custom field.


Hi @Julian_Rapattoni

Can you please provide some more insight?
If you currently select creating a project from scratch using a CSV upload, when the CSV file is uploaded, you will be prompted to create custom fields if none of the columns match a custom field.

Check the far right, you should see (number of columns ignored). If you click on it, you will be able to select the columns you want to include n the upload, and you can also select the type of custom field you want. Here are screen shots.

If I am not mistaken, what you are looking for is available, unless I misunderstood your request.

I agree that this is already possible via the csv import, but agree with @Julian_Rapattoni that to be able to just create a new custom field from a csv could be helpful because it will eliminate the need to first create a new project and then add the field and then delete the project again. I would go one step further and would love to see an option to even update a CF via CSV import function and then mapping the current fields and add new ones if needed.

I agree with this. Alternatively, if there were a way to just add a comma delimited list directly into a text box within the custom field creation dialog, that would be even better.