Copy Task Field to the greater project field (so that it is visible on portfolio view) and vice versa

My company manages equipment installations and we use Asana such that there is a single project created for a physical project/installation with tasks that automatically copy to individual team workflow projects and accounting pulls reports from the portfolio dashboard. Each of the individual team tasks have a status drop down field that copies over to the single main project but obviously just for that specific task and therefor does not change or populate that field in the portfolio view. Is there a way to pull this information from a task to populate for the entire project?

The only available this related to this is a the rollup feature suming a number field in a portfolio.
To solve what you describe, we coded a script running all day every day. Don’t hesitate to email me ( to see if and how we can have you benefit from the script.

Thank you Bastien, I sent you an email.