Copy project from one org to another with Kothar; Merge/Un-merge email addresses?


I’d like to use to copy a project:

I don’t quite understand the instructions at about how to accomplish this (I’ve used Kothar before but only for orgs already seen by a single account), but I believe it requires one account, so perhaps both email addresses to be together (merged?). I’m concerned because eventually will likely have a password reset or something and be given to someone else, so I wouldn’t want it to remain together/merged in at that point. I see there’s a “Remove email” link at Profile Settings > My Email Notifications but not sure if that is apropos. I guess if I added to my account, perhaps I could later remove it? If so, after that would I then still be able to login with and still see only the original Org with that login as I do now?

Sorry if this is unclear; basically I’m looking for the specific steps to allow the Kothar copy above, and worried about consequences going forward.

Thanks for any help!

How can I transfer one project to another Asana account with different e-mail?

I have the email of the founder of Kothar if you want to ask him directly!


Thanks–good point; I do have his email too and will check with him. I started here re the Asana consequences because I’m fairly certain Kothar requires one auth for both Orgs, and it’s the question of implications of that, but I’ll see what he says if he knows and post here.


Hello! Yes, this is a weakness in the instructions, since when multiple accounts are present it’s not clear which should be used to make the copy.

I think you should be able to merge and later unmerge/remove email addresses, but I’ll need to double check when I’m in front of a computer. You don’t necessarily need to though. I would suggest:

  • Add your perm_org account as a new user to the temp_org workspace
  • Log in to Asana using your perm_org account
  • Log in to the copy tool

You should now be using your new account and able to see both workspaces to make the copy.

Once that’s done you can remove your account from the old workspace if you want.

If adding your new account as a user in the old workspace isn’t possible, you can also do the reverse and use the account to make the copy. I’ve run into problems doing it this way round though, since guest accounts often don’t have permission to create new projects.

Hope that gets things moving!


Wow, thanks for the immediate reply, @Kothar !! Much appreciated. And @Bastien_Siebman too.

This isn’t mission-critical right now, but if you have a chance to look eventually as time permits and can reply again, that would be wonderful. And perhaps @Marie or someone has conclusive info on the Asana side. I don’t think I’d even attempt this unless I’m 100% sure of the consequences (I have a lot in Asana, and my main account has a number of orgs/workspaces).

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PS “ is not the best at what it does, it’s the only thing that does what it does.” (Repurposed quote there originally about a band, but it’s true!) Highly recommended to all

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I’ve now got to the office, so have taken a look at the account management. From what I can see, once you’ve merged email addresses into an account you can only either

  1. Remove yourself completely from a workspace
  2. Remove an email address if it’s not the last one associated with a workspace

That suggests to me that you can’t unmerge accounts (unless Asana support can do it for you), so I would try the procedure above if you still want to keep the old account separate.

Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:


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Hi all :wave:t3:

@lpb, you can easily merge your two accounts however, there is no way to formally un-merge two accounts in product. You can follow the procedure below, but it is pretty manual:

  1. Remove the email from your current account that you wish to separate from (
  2. Log out of your current account.
  3. Go to to create a new account. Be sure to create the account with the email address you just removed from your current account.
  4. Log in to your original account and invite your newly created account into the Workspaces/Organizations that you want to transfer it to.
  5. In your original account, remove yourself from the Workspaces/Organization that you have invited your New Account to join.
  6. Reassign any tasks from the original account to the newly created & invited account.

The end result will leave you with two separate Asana accounts. In the original account you will be a Member or Guest of any Workspaces and Organizations you didn’t “transfer.” In your new account you will be a Member or Guest of the Workspaces or Organizations you joined.

Like I said, this is a very manual process and probably not worth for transferring one project. What about exporting this project from your to CSV and then import it to

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Thanks @Marie and @Kothar. @Marie, I had seen those instructions in prior replies but had a little trouble understanding; I may just have some block about all this somehow! Do you think that @Kothar’s primary recommendation (below) will work in my example; particularly that I’ll be able to simply remove the email address to “unmerge” at the end?:

Thanks re the CSV Export/Import idea, which is certainly much simpler, but that’s only a partial copy, unlike the full copy of Kothar. But I’ll see if maybe that’s enough in this case.

Thanks very much,


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I am using my professional e-mail to manage several projects under 1 team. My employer will soon ban Asana so I want to transfer everythin to my Asana personal account.

Can I transfer all the information? Or should I add my personal e-mail to the Team governing the 4 projects?

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Have a look at Copy project from one org to another with Kothar; Merge/Un-merge email addresses?


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman!

Hi @Arnau_Grasas and welcome to the Forum! We already had a thread on this topic, so I’ve merged your post with this main thread! :slight_smile: Have a look at the posts above, you should find them helpful!

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Thank you Marie!

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I have found that once accounts are merged that one of the accounts may still exist but any attempt to use its email for followers or assignee will result in the merged into account email/ assignee assuming the role. whether using Kothar or other tools. I no longer can use my personal account address as a follower or assignee into the my master account even though it shows as a separate workspace. Hope that makes sense.

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