Copy multiple tasks

Another upvote here! Seems like this should be fairly easy to execute, and customers have been asking for it for about 2 years now. Pretty simple stuff - please get this done Asana!

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Upvote here as well. This seems a very basic feature and it’s perplexing that it’s missing.

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This copies the task names, but not the task details and custom field values.


There is no way I have ever found to do this legitimately.
My work around has been to duplicate the project (be sure to tick Assignee, Due Date, etc).
And then you can select all tasks you want to copy and drag them into the new Project. Then delete the Project you made just to do this.
It is so frustrating that this is not made easier. I have set up Templates, but each month the dates change because some have tasks that are done very Friday.


Frustrating indeed! Waiting for this feature for 2+ years now. We also have recurring, identical-descriptioned tasks that belong to specific ongoing development projects to update application dependencies for multiple websites - however those version updates are not planned or scheduled as they come from external sources. Therefore we cannot plan the tasks in advance and store them in projects which will cause unnecessary clutter.

The feature seems simple enough. Select multiple tasks, bulk duplicate the tasks while retaining the description, custom fields and projects.

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This is indeed a very simple use case and am very surprised it’s not a standard feature.
Having to write a script using the API to do this seems like overkill.
And surprised that there has not been a comment from the Asana team in regards to whether they are even considering it.

:exploding_head: thank you! this just saved me so much time

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Upvote, would make life easier to be able to copy and paste a task and it carries the task description AND subtasks.

Hi @Leia_Berg and @Jeremy_R :slight_smile: thanks for your feedback! I recommend you adding your vote to this thread in our #productfeedback category to support this request:


This ONLY copies the task name and not any of its values. Huge miss here.

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Even though three years have elapsed, it seems no one mentioned this workaround, which is, I think, the best approach to copy multiple tasks:



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