Copy & moving columns


I currently use Asana to manage our product life cycle - We release 3-6 new products every four weeks. Each product follows the same process flow.

Is it possible to copy an entire column of tasks to another column?

Occasionally, products are delayed and need to be moved to another project. Is it possible to move a whole column of tasks across to another project?

I have tried a workaround of importing from CVS file, but this just imports into the first column. Is it possible to import to specific columns?

Appreciate any support.



You would need to use the API to do this programmatically. However, you can do this by updating the CSV file before import. If you are exporting from a board layout then there will be a column field that you can change to match the appropriate column in the new project. This is only a viable alternative to using the API if it doesn’t happen that often and the exported list is fairly small. Changing a CSV file can cause other issues if you are not careful.


@Michael_Huddart, Using Advanced Search (if you’re Premium) I think this is easy to do unless I’m misunderstanding something:

  1. Create the new (destination) project and column (if not already created)
  2. Advanced Search > In projects > specify the source project, and then the column within the project after that is presented; also make sure to use Completion > Any
  3. In the search results list, multi-select all tasks and change the project/column from the old to the new
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