Copy entire project with comments

Hi, I want to copy the entire project (board view) with all task, subtasks and comments. I was trying to use “Duplicate Project…” feature but it doesn’t replicate comments (which are crucial to me). Any ideas?


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@Damian_Krol, The excellent third party tool is a generally recommended alternative.


:grinning: @lpb I was just about to tag you. I knew you would know!

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Thanks, will try that! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone!

Actually, the Kothar tool (which is similar to my Transfer Asana Projects tool except I operate a US-based company) does not copy comments. I don’t know of any solution that copies over comments from tasks.

While the initial program is done, it is likely I could add this to Sendana Tools-Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add and/or Transfer Projects and Tasks In Mass as an option. Just don’t know how much demand there would be for this feature. Here are a couple other things I made decisions on in this tool.

  1. Because the logic is more to copy templates and I use that term not as the template feature of Asana but more that a user has an area of projects that they have used a title to call them templates I do copy Custom Fields but I do not populate there current status as I felt that would be dynamic to the new project.
  2. Right now I can only go to the one subtask level, too hard to create subtasks of subtasks. I am inclined to think that not many people are doing subtasks of subtasks.
  3. I am tweaking the tool to only include incomplete tasks, not completed as it is my feeling that uncompleted tasks are what should be duplicated.
    Any comments welcome.

@Damian_Krol, To be clear, the free tool does copy comments, but because it’s not possible to programmatically create comments as another user, it groups multiple comments in a single one as shown below.

Larry Berger 2 minutes ago
Larry Berger on Saturday Feb 09, 2019 07:29 PM:
Comment 1
---------------------- ­
Larry Berger on Saturday Feb 09, 2019 07:29 PM:
Comment 2 

It seems to convert the time zone incorrectly, which I’ll make the author aware of.

Thanks for the report - the problem appears to be that the dates are returned from the API with the UTC time zone, but that’s not indicated in the formatted version.

Unfortunately, due to the way comments are merged into one, the timezone is ‘stuck’ when it’s copied, whereas the Asana UI is normally able to render the date in whichever timezone the user has chosen.

The only fix I can make at the moment is to indicate the timezone, which should help to avoid confusion. In future I will look at adding an option so that you can at least have it rendered for an appropriate timezone, even if it’s not quite as nice as it matching the user’s settings.

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OK, that was quick change - it will now indicate UTC when dates are shown in the combined comments.

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@Kothar, Whoa! Thank you so much–that was almost instantaneous!!!

I do not understand why ASANA does not copy the comments when duplicating a projects. That kills the purpose of duplicate and create real headache.

@Haluk In general, comments are for that specific instance of doing work. The general directions, guidelines, etc. would be better suited in the Description field, which is copied.