Copy a task with its comments

I note that when I copy a task it does not copy the comments. I cannot see “comments” on the pick list of what to copy. I have tried “collaborators” but that doesn’t work. Is it at all possible?

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HI @Isabel_Garcia_Gimeno and welcome to the Forum!

What you are saying is correct. When duplicating a task, you can choose to carry over the description, collaborators and some other components however, there is no option to duplicate comments. You can learn more about it in the following guide article: Task actions: create, move, duplicate, and more | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

One workaround could be to add the comments into the description before duplicating the task.

I hope this helps Isabel! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Hi, could this option be added? Seems like it would be common for a lot of users to be dealing with the same issue. When copying something over, comments tend to be a necessity.


yes I second this request. It seems like a no brainer to add the ability’s to copy comments when duplicating.


im currently running into this issue and would love that functionality.


I confirm I too have this issue… The current description section doesn’t seems to be capable of including image in it, so it makes it impossible to do detailed instruction on a task with image.

It’s very problematic on our end… unless there is a way I’m not aware of to actually include image straight in the description section!



I too has same issues as we dont get option to duplicate the “comments” while creating duplicate tasks.

Ideally an option or check box should be exists.


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I also would like to see the ability to duplicate the comments from one task to another.


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Hey @Paul_H, somebody mentioned Kothar might work.

And I have also moved this thread into the product feedback category so people can upvote :slight_smile:

So, at this time, we already have a tool to copy the comments when we’re duplicating a task to another project?

I hope so. Thks