Copy Custom Fields


It would be awesome if there was a way to copy the custom fields from one task, and apply them to another task. Think of it like the formatting paint brush in Excel or Word. We also have this in the world of video editing, it’s called “copy/paste attributes.”

Even when the maybe the custom fields don’t match up exactly, a panel could pop up to “stop” or “continue with the present fields.”

This would save a lot of time. And it would mean, I wouldn’t have to build so many template tasks… I can just copy the custom field attributes and apply them to any task.


Hi @Francesco_Alessi and thanks for your feedback! By default custom fields apply to all task of the project; would you like to be able to “copy/paste attributes” in a task from a different project? Or are you referring to custom field values?


Sorry, let me try and be more clear here.

Let’s say I have some tasks in a list that already have the proper custom fields set (with the actual field set to something). Like this:

Department > Public Works
Team > PR
FY > 2019
Type > Deliverable

Things like that… there could be anywhere from 3 - 10 custom fields that are set with information that I need copied to another task.

So, I create a new task… but I didn’t think to copy a previous task, and maybe I had to create a few of these quick tasks, where I couldn’t copy another task at the time. So after the fact, instead of multi-selecting say 1 - 4 tasks, and then setting their custom field values one-at-a-time, if I could just say “copy the values from the custom fields from task X” and then apply those values to the task I’m working on (or multiple tasks if I need all the same info) it would save me so many clicks.

So I’m talking about tasks within the same project… the custom fields in the project are the same, and the concept would be to copy the values in the custom fields to the new tasks. Again, if I have time, I would probably duplicate a task that has the proper custom field values, but there are so many times when we don’t have the time to do that, and have to fix things later, this copy/paste attributes would save a lot of time.

I mentioned video editing above… they have something very similar, and in that case, they actually offer a pop-up window where you can choose which parameters you want to copy to the new clip. That would be the best way to implement this, but even if it just did everything, that would be fine too.

If it still doesn’t make sense, I’ll do a graphic example.


Got it @Francesco_Alessi; that make a lot of sense. Thanks for providing me with a little more context and additional information, really appreciate it! Will make sure to keep you posted as soin as I have an update!