Convert Section to Task

With the removal of the functionality of a colon to denote a section, Tab+N is how we create a section, but if we already have sections that we want to turn into tasks, is there a way to…undo that?

It used to be add a colon, section. Delete colon task. But now it seems like they’re locked in that state?


Hello @Will.S,

Unfortunately there is no option available at this time to convert sections into tasks and vice-versa.

If you’re looking to create a task from an existing section you would need to create a new task and copy and paste the content from section.

I am sorry for any hassle this may cause you, Will.


Hi @Barbara,

Thanks for the reply! I presumed as much but I thought it prudent to ask. :slight_smile:


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I don’t mind the new way of creating sections but I would like to be able to convert a task into a section & vice versa. Having to copy manually all the parameters just adds extra mental resistance to this process.


+1 for the ability to convert to a task or at least duplicate and have it create a task (vs. another section)


+1. This feature will be really helpful. Quite often I create a task and later it turns into a bigger chunk of work that is more like a section.



Fortunately, I don’t have many sections to convert to tasks. But I can see why this can become tedious. I have to manually copy all the comments and then the history of when the comments were made is lost. WTH.


+1 for this one


+1 for the vice-versa

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Any update on adding this functionality back? @Barbara


Hi @Chris_Devine,

Thanks for the interest here! We do not have updates for this request. Sorry for that.

In case this functionality is added, it will be announced in the Community Forum in the #community-forum-announcements category and I’ll do my best to update this thread as well :slight_smile:


Also would like this ability to convert section to task and vise versa.





If you are using Google Chrome, please try my Asana Navigator: Unofficial efficiency browser extension to enhance navigation for Asana tasks.

I implemented a feature to convert task to section and vice versa, with Tab+: keyboard shortcut (Shift+Tab+: on Japanese keyboard layout). Technically, it creates a copy and deletes the original task/section.


We have a customer who always puts in Zendesk Support tickets using a colon after he types his email subject. Every time. These get routed to Asana using Zapier. Now all theses tickets are Sections and there is no way to make them tasks! Taking away the ability to go from section to task is terrible. If there is a workaround, I’d like to hear it.