Convert Section to Task


With the removal of the functionality of a colon to denote a section, Tab+N is how we create a section, but if we already have sections that we want to turn into tasks, is there a way to…undo that?

It used to be add a colon, section. Delete colon task. But now it seems like they’re locked in that state?

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Hello @Will.S,

Unfortunately there is no option available at this time to convert sections into tasks and vice-versa.

If you’re looking to create a task from an existing section you would need to create a new task and copy and paste the content from section.

I am sorry for any hassle this may cause you, Will.


Hi @Barbara,

Thanks for the reply! I presumed as much but I thought it prudent to ask. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind the new way of creating sections but I would like to be able to convert a task into a section & vice versa. Having to copy manually all the parameters just adds extra mental resistance to this process.


+1 for the ability to convert to a task or at least duplicate and have it create a task (vs. another section)


+1. This feature will be really helpful. Quite often I create a task and later it turns into a bigger chunk of work that is more like a section.