Is there a way to bring back the ability to turn a Task into a Section Header?

I do like the new ability to create a section header at the top of the task list, but there have been occasions when we needed to turn a task into a section header, but now we have to recreate that as a Section header and delete the old task. Is there a way we could have an option to turn a task into a section header? I get that the colon might not be the best way, but maybe under the “More Actions” tab?

Hi @Jamie_Goodman, welcome to the Forum! :wave:

As you know, due to some updates and adjusts made in Asana, turning a task into a section adding a semi-colon is no longer possible.

But you may want to try a Chrome extension implemented by @ShunS that allows you to convert tasks to sections and vice versa: (

I hope this helps! Have a great Wednesday!

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into the extension. And would love to add the request to the developer’s consideration list.