🎬 Content creation in Asana via the "Content Factory"by iDO

If you too, like iDO, dedicate resources to creating content for your customers, for marketing campaigns, or simply to be visible, you are probably looking for ways to optimize the creation process. And that’s where Asana comes in!

The “Content Factory” system is composed of several projects:

  1. A main “Content Factory” project to follow the creation process
  2. A “Content Calendar” project to display a calendar view of the different channels
  3. A project per channel (e.g. Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook…) to be able to manage distinctively the publication process on each channel

The content factory designed by iDO in Asana is a simple but powerful way to help your teams involved in the content creation process, and to know at any time who is supposed to do what and when.

Have a look at our tutorial video and suscribe to iDO YouTube channel for more Tips & Tricks :heart_eyes: