Asana AI for content creation

I’ve been using Asana for the last 3 months, and I just love it!
I had one experience 4 years ago, and the plataform was not quite there yet. But today, is my main project management tool, and where I organize my entire company operation.
Since the Asana AI announcement, I was very excited to test it for my content creation workflow.
I have a few social media clients, that we create social media posts, since the copy, throughtout the design and the publication itself.
We’ve been using Notion AI to help us create faster content. You can just prompt it with the topic you want, and the Notion AI create the text for the social media post, even telling us the content in every image that we’re going to publish.

It will be awesome if Asana AI could helps us create the cards descriptions, just with a prompt inside the card. I get that the main objective of Asana AI is to help the role of a Project Manager, but I believe that you guys already have the integration to make it possible - if it’s not in the roadmap yet (please, tell me that is in the roadmap!!).

Any status that the Asana team could give us about this need of a feature, in Asana AI?

By the way, my intention is to migrate all my content creation workflow from Notion to Asana, but firts we really need that this feature inside Asana.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and respond!

Welcome, @Jonathan_Gustavo_Pin,

Yes, this will be part of Asana Intelligence I believe, but the date hasn’t been set.

You can see a demo, if you haven’t already here:

This has been in beta for a while and I’d expect more info will be upcoming soon.



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