Consolidated Project Views and Summary Roll Ups

I have six related projects, which share some tasks. How do I create a view where I can see all six projects and a total timeline, including the dependencies so that I can get a complete view of the project?


Hey @Elizabeth_Snavely,

you could set up rules to multihome the relevant tasks into an additional project that you keep as an overview and to check the calendar/timeline.

Now if you want an overview of all tasks in your 6 projects I recommend using portfolios, more info here: How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide
Now with portfolios one downside might be the cross- project dependencies you want. I have found an existing feedback request thread about this topic here.
A workaround was mentioned here: Visualize Task Dependencies Across Projects - #6 by LEGGO

I hope this helps