Connecting Product Roadmap to Tasks and Standup Board

Relatively new to Asana and I’m trying to figure out how to connect a roadmap to the individual tasks, bugs and feature requests associated with it. I tried using subtasks but you can’t really use that structure for standups and reviewing the tasks because once you filter or sort, then you can’t see the individual subtasks on the main screen anymore.
Suggestions on views to use, or structure is greatly appreciated.

Hey @Marc_Ettlinger, welcome,

I think one possible solution to your issue is scaling. If you need to have visibility over the subtasks you could make them into tasks, the tasks sections, and the sections a whole project, but that seems like it would get messy quickly.

Maybe someone from @ambforumleader has more insight into making subtasks visible.

I hope that helped in some way.



Hi @Marc_Ettlinger and welcome to the community forum :wave:

What comes to mind without having seen your «Asana setup» as a possible solution could be «mutlihoming». Have you heard of this? A task can live within several projects. So if you have a project for each item (e.g. product/feature) on your roadmap you could add the invididual task (or bug- and feature request tasks) as well to those items. Like this everyone owning or working with a task has visibility to what item on the roadmap the work belongs to.

Not sure if this helps. Would be interesting to see how you organize, structure or visualize you roadmap within Asana. Then maybe other ideas would come to mind. Feel free to share here or via message if interested.