Cascade organisation & Product roadmap

Hi everyone,

As part of our product team, we are using the following concepts:

  • Pain points
  • Features
  • Sub features
  • User stories

Each concept has its own custom fields (ex: “Source” for pain points, “Prioritisation score” for features, “Sprint number” for user stories).

What I would need is to:

  1. Link these concepts (for ex 1 pain point is linked to N features, one feature has M sub features, one sub feature has K user stories)
  2. Visualise a product roadmap that shows both the features and sub features

The challenges I am currently facing with Asana are:

  • I’m not sure what is the best way to build this “cascade” organization between those 4 concepts. I can eventually use custom fields for sub features, but the 3 other concepts need to be task objects as I need to track the progress on them.My initial plan was to to create one project per concept (each project with their own specific custom fields) and to mark user stories as sub tasks of sub features, sub features as sub tasks of features, and features as sub tasks of pain points. However, this doesn’t seem to be working since those concepts lose their specific custom fields as soon as I mark them as sub tasks of another concept
  • I’m not sure whether we can have a feature & sub feature view on a roadmap

Would you have any suggestions on how to achieve 1. and 2. using Asana ?

Thanks a lot for your help!


I hope someone will be able to help. In my case, I believe it is too hard to help asynchronously on the forum and should be discussed during a consulting session where you and the consultant experiment a couple of setups.

Take care!

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