Representing Multiple Development Streams on one Timeline

HI All, I’m very new to Asana, so apologies in advance if this is a simple question.

I’m just looking to move to Asana from my current Gantt charts in Google Sheets and I’m in a rush to get something set up for a new project so though I’d just on here an ask quickly.

My current project has 4 development teams working on different parts of the project concurrently, in my current Google sheet I simply have 4 ‘rows’ of development - 1st row deals with the timeline of the first team, second row deals with the second team and so on. So I can open the sheet, quickly scan the sheet down and see where each should be.

What might be the best way to approach this in Asana?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @John_Archer Nice to hear from you. You could use sections in the project to create the 4 Rows. Or you can use custom fields to differentiate the team.

@Danielle-GenD thanks for the reply, no idea how to use custom fields at the moment, but the sections worked perfectly for now.

thank you!

Hi @John_Archer think of custom fields as fancy tags :slight_smile: