Connect the due dates of subtasks to the due date of their parent task

Please, Please Put this feature on the roadmap!

Has anybody has a work around on this issue with creating subtask with a past due date from the parent task?

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Really need this feature!

One workaround is to use our Flowsana integration - more info here.

Just skimmed through this forum which started in 2017! Assuming the feature still doesn’t exist? Our projects are campaigns set as parent tasks over a date range. e.g. June 10-June 20, and have up to 20 subtasks beneath which are minor items that need to be completed before the campaign can go live. When campaign dates change I’d love to be able to shift the parent task forward 3 days e.g. June 13 - June 23 and all subtasks follow pushing out by 3 days. At the moment i have to go in manually and shift each subtask forward 3 days. Some of our parent tasks have 20 subtasks. Any news on when this feature will be added? or if there are any rules we can apply to help with this issue?

hey @Sara_Melamed i’m trying to recreate what you’ve described above, as it sounds like it may solve my problem. What do you mean by ‘drag a box’ around the parent task? I have set up a task with subtask, each subtask has a dependency on the last. Or should the subtasks have a dependency on the parent task?

Similar problem - for me I’m trying to create a dependancy based on the start date. Any suggestions?

Update on connecting subtasks to parent task ?

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Absolutely none.

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Is there a timeline when this will be possible asana without any other additional paid tools?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Jakub_Borowiecki :wave:

Asana does not have a public roadmap, however they constantly monitor all feedback request threads and the total votes and views.
Whenever there is an update they will share it here :slight_smile:

I am mystified why this feature doesn’t exist. It’s just logical. So much so that I thought I must be missing something. The whole point of task templates in workflow is to eliminate busy work… All I’m doing when I assign dates to subtasks is looking at the overall task due date and saying T minus 3 days for this subtask, T minus 5 days for that subtask.

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I see that Asana now has the ability to make subtasks that are due X days after the parent task. So, users can now make subtask due dates that are relative to the due date of the parent task—just in the wrong direction. Please, please revamp this feature so that it’s actually useful.

@Ian_Montgomery, I just re-opened this forum topic so you can add your vote. I think it’s a distinct request from this one here.


Yes - 100% agree with @Ian_Montgomery
This correction would be a game-changer for us!

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