Connect the due dates of subtasks to the due date of their parent task?

I would like to see the functionality beyond just sub task dependency. There is no reason to limit the functionality of regular tasks as well. Let this be a linkable thing across all tasks.

Ideally I could build a template based off the project due date or some other master date that would distribute scaled dates from there.

I had this functionality in a google sheets we used to use for milestone tracking and this is sorely missed. I empathize with others here on the tediousness of date management.

Where are you guys moving your project since this feature is still not implemented? Please suggest.

@Bryce_Richardson, @Don3,

For features like “Duration”, etc., you might want to take a look at my Flowsana integration which provides a lot of what you’re asking for.

@Jitin_Babu I am not giving up yet. Not a deal breaker as many other PM tools out there are just glorified spreadsheets, Asana still is a nice balance between too much customization and too little. I really only have this 1 issue with it.

@Phil_Seeman Thank you! This looks promising. " Auto-Adjust DueDate-Based Workflow"

I still feel like it should be a native Asana feature but this could be insanely helpful. 2.99 p/user