Connect the due dates of subtasks to the due date of their parent task?

I’m in the same boat, would love to see this feature implemented. Would greatly help me as well.


Posting this morning to echo how important it is for my office to have a task/sub-task due date contingent upon a parent task/prior task due date. Something like a task due date (3) days after completion of previous task. We have got a few people in my office testing Asana, but without this feature, we are likely abandoning the platform.


Chiming in here to agree that this is a basic feature that should be built out ASAP. We are a digital publishing company and given that we have 10+ articles go live daily, its simply not feasible to set them all up as projects.

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Ditto Ditto Ditto to all above. This feature would turn Asana into a true workflow tool instead of a pretty checklist. This is absolutely necessary for me to create reusable projects.


This is HUGE for recurring tasks. Please get this implemented ASAP or I’ll have to consider other project management softwares.

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Same here. I don’t see why if i move a task on the timeline a week or two ahead, the sub-tasks wouldn’t automagically move ahead the exact same amount of time. Honestly, it almost seems trivial to me.

If my parent task is Oct 1st - Oct 31st and I move it to Nov 1 - Nov 30, all the sub-tasks should move from October due dates to November due dates. Without this, it makes managing in the timeline and complete cluster F!@#.

Please implement some workflow so PMs can manage time dependencies with more EASE. As it is it’s creates a ton of extra work while managing complex projects.

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Same issue here, it’s very annoying to have to update each week the due dates of subtasks, that don’t move automatically rather than the main task is set on a regular basis.

It leads to some problems if the dates are not updated accordingly then.

This would make a huge difference indeed!


Use case:

  1. Create a parent task with subtasks
  2. Subtasks have defined start / end dates
  3. Parent task start / end date is not connected to subtasks

Manual updating / tracking of parent task dates required whenever there are changes to sub-task dates

Possible solution
Option to automatically add the start and end dates of a parent task based on the earliest and latest date on associated subtasks.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Stuart_P_Turner!

I’m merging your post with an existing thread regarding this topic so all feedback is consolidated in one place. I hope it’s OK. Please don’t forget to upvote it!

Have a great Wednesday!


Dear Asana Team,

This feature is essential for planning your workflow properly - please reconsider to add it. Thank you! :wink:


Sweet thanks Natalia - searching fail on my part :rofl:

I’m looking for something exactly like this but I’m not having any luck. Was this ever implemented?

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Nope, subtasks are still not related to their parent task.

This is definitely much needed. Having to manually create subtasks for each task is very labor intensive. We have many recurring tasks of the same type where we need a set of scheduled subtasks to assist in that task at specified intervals prior to the task due date. I can’t believe this isn’t a standard feature.

I’m new to Asana and was stunned to find out that this isn’t already a feature. How has this not yet been implemented when the original comment was in 2017?! Is there a timeframe for launching this?

Asana does not base the roadmap on the age of the request in the forum :slight_smile: Subtasks have never been connected to their parent task in any way, this is probably a decision they made at the beginning. Maybe subtasks will evolve soon!

What would you recommend as a solution?

You could add the subtasks to the project as well and make them dependent on the parent task. If you use the timeline to change the parent task due date, subtasks will also move if dependencies can’t be met… Feels like a hack…