Confused by "Public to Workspace" settings



I’m really confused by the “Public to Workspace” setting when creating a new project. When i create a new Project “PP1” in my Workspace “WS1” - with “Public to WS1” setting - I assume that this is accessible to all members of the workspace.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case - only members added to PP1 have access to it. Other members can’t find this project without being added even though they are part of WS1.

It says that I need to “Upgrade” to get this project wise privacy feature - but as I can see - the project is already “private” unless someone a member permission.


Hi @Amit_Upadhyay! If members can’t see your public project in the workspace, it’s probably because they are Guest Members of your Workspace If you convert them to members (, they should be able to access any project public to the Workspace. Bear n mind that in a Workspace, Guest only see what you give them access to, this is why you have to manually add them to the project for them to access it.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Marie - I checked and that’s the reason.
It clears up things.