Computed Fields on Tasks

@Jerod_Hillard are there any updates on this?

No updates that I have see but check this post out: Friends don't let friends... Asana alone! (Make friends with a Developer)

In the interim, @Bastien_Siebman the great might be able to build a solution for you!

So what? Four? Years down the line and zero response and zero agility or listening to customers feedback. I wonder if Asana will stay in business? I am moving back to Gsheets.

We just began our asana implementation and i’m voting this up/commenting. i’d like to get our project prioritization process out of excel and into asana so we can intake project requests, score them, sum scores and multiply them by a % confidence . I don’t want to put this into Tableau because tableau feeds likely won’t be real time.

I know this is only a workaround and everyone expects anative solution from Asana, but because many asked, here’s a video of my service that does computation :

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Any update here would be highly appreciated! This feature is requested by a lot of customers, thanks in advance!

I just tried Airtable to do calculations like sum, multiplication & others. Wow. I’ve to tell u guys that airtable is just asana with spreadsheet capability. This is wat I was looking for from years and I got it.


There might be slight differences overall :rofl:

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Assuming there are no updates from Asana yet on this? Computed fields would be so useful. :pray:t2:

No update indeed.

It’s really frustrating not having this :sob: I just want to be able to RICE score in Asana without using another tool.


Literally any update on this question?

I just want to be able to subtract my material cost from total amount quoted so I can have an efficient way of tracking spend.

Can anyone confirm this is a feature that will be added to Asana or do we need to go elsewhere?


Any product update about using formulas as a custom field?

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I love Airtable for its “spreadsheet-like” capabilities. It is not ‘as’ pretty sticky-noted as Asana (for what that’s worth) , but the ability to manipulate the data fields - natively - is crucial for ‘higher demanding’ PMs and clients of mine. I’m not sure Asana is the right PM tool for things that you need. It is good for some things, but this is not a 1 size fits all solution.
Bastien can make your Asana sing Vivaldi if you pay for it, but there are some technology and security challenges that need to be overcome by having a 3rd party with access to your system at all times.

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Hi David, nice to hear a good reply from u.
Asana has a fantastic interface and advanced search options. End of the day, wen we are dependant so much on its visual interface to make custom Feild data entries, all that customers are asking for is a BASIC ADDITION, MULTIPLICATION, DIVISION formula function as a particular field type (Along with number, text & drop-down).
Just to migrate to a different app for such a basic thing is horrific. I don’t think asana team needs to implement other complicated formula options. These basics are fantastic for 99% of the users.
I hope this will be rolled out within a month because so many people are asking for it.

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I’ve been a PMP for several years and I can’t express to you how much I use CALCULATED FIELDS now based on my years of experience and multi-level projects. It is not a ‘show-stopper’ most of the time; however, the automation that it provides for me and my clients with keeping fields updated and providing information/status/updates is worth it. Simple BASIC math calculations seem to be a no-brainer for us and why I use multiple PM tools based on the project itself.
I say this to say - I feel your pain!

Good luck !!