Friends don't let friends... Asana alone! (Make friends with a Developer)

We’ve all heard the saying “Friends don’t let friends… [fill in the blank], right? With this quick tip, I just wanted to take a brief moment and highlight the value of having a developer friend because "Friends don’t let Friends Asana alone!#AsanaTogether :wink:

I’m fortunate to have met a handful of them within the forum. I can confidently say that through these relationships I’ve widened both my perspective and use of Asana. If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you reach out to one. Share your interests… talk about any recent successes… discuss pain points that you are experiencing… you might be surprised with what they have to offer and how easily they might be able to lift a burden!

Not to mention, it’s cool :sunglasses: to have a developer friend… and guess what?!?.. @Bastien_Siebman can be that friend! I mean… look what he did for me:

I subscribe to his newsletter where I learned he had a working solution to introduce auto computation within Asana. This is something I was handling through the Google Sheet integration, but I really wanted to be able to leverage the native Asana features like Dashboards. I asked my friend if he could help and in no time (which would have taken me the complete opposite of no time to setup and manage) I had a fully functional solution!!!

As seen in the image above, my developer friend was able to build a tool that computes the Weighted Volume by multiplying the Probability field by the Volume Field. Because of this, I can now create Custom Charts and see Section Totals of these values without ever having to leave Asana!

Pretty magical :mage:, right? Go make a developer friend TODAY! :wink:


Thanks Jerod, I am really happy that the solution helps you! It is an elegant way of staying in Asana while having all the info you need! I also have clients compute a RICE score, an ICE score, or make some currency computations automagically :heart:

PS: the update is currently done once a day, and could be triggered manually. It is seamless to setup a zap to have the sync happen whenever something happens in the project as well. Reach out to me if you are interested!

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THIS JUST IN!!! @Bastien_Siebman saves the day with yet another computed field use case. In this instance I have 2 fields:

  • A field dedicated for a Project Number
  • A field dedicated to represent a weblink that contains the Project Number

Previously, in order to have a one-click weblink listed when a text type custom field I had to manually replace the portions of my default weblink with the actual Project Number once known. TODAY with the magic of my handy, dandy developer friend, the weblink is updated daily to include the project number, if a project number exist. No need to copy and paste redundant data!!!

Another great example/use case of how computed fields can save you time and energy! Make a friend!


Forum Leaders friendship :heart: This is exactly what Asana Together is about!


Darn it, I need a Dev friend! lol @Bastien_Siebman Looks good! Hey, are you all going to make some nonprofit templates? We need some more of those! Hint.

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This is amazing! It’s so great to see what Asana is capable of and creative ways others are utilizing Asana :smile: