Completed tasks notifications in the Inbox should be automatically archived

I have the same experience. Notifications for tasks that I have completed remain in the inbox.

I completed the task, there has been no activity on the task, the message in my inbox regarding this task states “You have a task due September 10 (2 days ago)”. I expect this message to not be appear in my inbox.


Hi @Tim_Phillips and welcome to the Community Forum! Can you confirm if the notifications re-appears after you cleared it from your Inbox and completed the task?

When completing a task, notification won’t automatically clear up from your Inbox, but they should not re-appear after you clear them from your Inbox (unless someone comments or likes the completed task).

Hi @Marie, thanks for the response. If I archive the notification in my inbox and then complete a task, it does not return.

When completing a task, the notification doesn’t automatically archive, that’s my issue. It is redundant to have to complete the task and also archive the notification.


Got it @Tim_Phillips, thanks for clarifying! Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future! :crossed_fingers:t3:

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This issue really annoys me, too. Whenever I’ve completed a bunch of tasks, my inbox becomes obfuscated with no-longer-relevant tasks that I have to manually archive, one by one. This creates needless busywork for me, and forces my attention away from the tasks that actually matter (ie. incomplete tasks).

The completed tasks remain in the inbox even if I refresh Asana or close and restart it. I really hope you address this. It’s unnecessary UX friction, and is a design flaw, in my opinion.

One way to fix the issue would be to have the inbox automatically archive completed tasks, as Crystal suggested. This could possibly be an opt-in feature that you can turn on in the settings, for those people who do like seeing completed tasks in their inbox (I’m guessing these are in the minority, but they surely exist, and their experience shouldn’t be forcibly changed)

Another way to fix the issue would be to add an Archive Completed button to the top of the inbox, alongside the current Archive All button. Since this would be a manual process that was explicitly user-initiated, this button should have an extra power: it should archive not just tasks that the user completed herself, but also tasks that were completed by others (this is what the user would expect of a button called “archive completed” anyway, and would provide an extra level of tidiness).


I’m still new to Asana, and was surprised to see completed tasks in my In Box. I thought I might have missed an option or setting to remove completed tasks from my inbox.

I’d like to see a toggle for “Show Current Tasks / Show Completed Tasks / Show All Tasks”
and an option to retain individual completed tasks in the In Box.


I’m all for this being changed as I waste a lot of time clearing dead tasks from my inbox when I could use that time to shake up the world! I notice (and am surprised) that there is only 1 vote for this to be changed, though. Please vote if you want this improved!

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I went from being an avid user of the “Inbox” functionality to not using it whatsoever anymore because of this. The far majority of my Inbox consists of “completed” tasks with a few incomplete tasks. I want to “archive” all tasks that are complete (or preferably have them automatically archived if completed).

Shocked that this thread exists and yet it has been this way for so long.

Has anyone else totally stopped using the Inbox functionality because of this? Especially on a small team where you are the main one using Asana, this information is just so much redundant.


I no longer use the inbox either. It’s useless and a waste of my time to have to sort through completed tasks.

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How do you know there was a comment on something for example? :thinking:

@Bastien_Siebman If someone comments on a task I’ve completed that has been archived, it’ll appear in the inbox. However, that isn’t the issue at hand. What everyone is asking is why are tasks not being auto-archived after being completed?

In the images below, both tasks were completed two days ago but are still present at the top of my inbox:

Whatever that case may be, it doesn’t excuse that fact that, even after a year of complaints, Asana has yet to addressed and fix what seems to be nothing more than a simple coding issue.


I like the inbox feature, but having it remind me of “late” or “coming up tasks” that are completed (like they show the checkmark icon) is not always helpful. It could be if it was for other people’s tasks but a lot of the time it’s tasks I know I’ve finished. It would be nice to have a way to toggle it off so I only see things that aren’t done in my morning roundup.


I’ve just started digging into Asana, and completed tasks in my inbox are making me nuts. When I saw this thread, I found that I was not alone with this frustration. Then I realized the issue has been going on for 2 years with no action. Now, I am dismayed. What does the customer base have to do to get this kind of thing on the dev. roadmap?


I am fairly new to Asana and find this very frustrating as well. I would love if the tasks I’ve completed didn’t appear in my inbox. I do however find value in having tasks I’ve assigned to others that they have completed show in my inbox so I know they are done.

This is the reason I don’t use the inbox regularly. And I use Asana all the time. Would be a game changing feature.

Love the solution (from @Dave_Bleja) of an archive all completed button next to archive all. That doesn’t seem like it would be hard or cause a massive change in UX.

I’m sure there is a lot of debate about putting auto archive on completed items - I could see a long list of pro cons there and frankly have no idea what would be best. BUT - that one button would be a massive easy step in the right direction.

Please please please. You guys are awesome about this kind of stuff. Please make the inbox awesome.


When a task assigned to you is in your Inbox, and you complete it, the task remains in your Inbox. It is one more item you have to clear from your Inbox.

If a task is assigned to the person that completes the task, have an option to remove these items from the Inbox.

Task was in the section “Past 7 days”
Task is due tomorrow
I completed the task today
Task was marked as completed in the Inbox
I still needed to archive the Inbox item

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Welcome to the Forum @Ryan_Sunderman and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

There is an existing thread regarding this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it for consolidation purposes. Please don’t forget to cast your vote! :slight_smile:

Thank you again for taking time to share your feedback! Have a nice day!

Hi, I found that at the end of the list of archived tasks, there is an option to archive all messages


Instead of archiving notifications about completed tasks, it should be possible to manage this on project level. As it is, you can choose to get notifications about tasks addes, comments and status updates. Why not add the option if you want to be notified about completed tasks.

I experience the same inbox problem, i.e. getting cluttered with notifications of tasks that are completed by others. I own and manage the project they work in, so there is no escaping the useless notifications.

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I agree - this should be a setting at the project level. Hoping Asana will be able to come up with a solution for this sooner rather than later.