Notifications NOT showing in inbox?

This morning, I checked one of my Asana workplace inboxes. However…by clicking over to a specific task that I’m following, I saw a comment there that wasn’t in the inbox. I received an email notification for this comment, but NOT an inbox notification for it, and since it’s a conversation I’m a part of, I know I’m a collaborator of the task.

Is this a known Asana bug? I really need to be able to see ALL of my notifications in the Inbox, instead of worrying about missing any there. (And yes, I already checked to make sure there aren’t any filters applied to the inbox. All are off.)



I guess I should clarify that this happened while using Asana on Windows desktop, tried in both Firefox and Chrome.

Welcome to the Forum @RachelA and thank you for taking time to report this. Sorry to hear you are running into this issue and thank you for testing this in both browsers.

If you haven’t yet, would you mind trying the following steps:

  • Clear your Browsers Cookies and Cache just to be sure this isn’t just a small browser glitch?
  • Try using an incognito windows to confirm if you experience the same behaviour

If this issue persists I would recommend you to reach out to our Support Team who will be able to take a closer look into your account and assist you further. You can contact them by following these steps:

When you do, please feel free to share the URL of this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything and the URL of the Task you should have received an Inbox Notification.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with Rachel! Have a nice Friday!

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