Introducing filters for Inbox ⭐️

Is there any way I can fast-track this product update for my account? Our team is really needing this feature.

Hi @Alex_Graniere :wave:t3:

Unfortunately, we’re not sharing this info publicly, but the new Inbox filters are currently available to 50% of our users, and we’re hoping to roll it to the remaining 50% over the next couple of days, so it shouldn’t be long until you have access to it too!

Are there plans to update the email notifications too with the same options? Would love to only get email notifications with just “assigned to me” and “@mentioned


Definitely a step in the right direction! Is there any way to bulk archive already completed tasks within the inbox though?

Even with these filters, I’m seeing so many legacy/old tasks that were already completed mixed in with everything.

Truthfully, I wish we could just have “completed” tasks automatically archive from the inbox.



Hi @Vivian_Ritter, I don’t have any info on this topic, but I’ll loop you in as soon as I do!

Hi @abass, that’s not possible at the moment, but I’m aware of this conversation (Completed tasks notifications in the Inbox should be automatically archived) and will make sure to keep you posted when I’ve an update!


Definitely loving this update :blush:


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Great improvement so far.

I would add another filter to only see new tasks added to projects and another one for completed task message. This would improve how fast I could manage my indox.



True, I was also immediately looking for the bulk archive button (which existed before). :smiley:

But definitely a feature I desired for a long time.

Hi folks, quick update to let you know that we’re starting to roll out these filters to Mobile!

10% of Android users have already access to this features, and if it all goes well, all Android users will have access to this new feature by Nov 6.

iOS users will have to be a little more patient, we’re hoping to start rolling it out mid-November.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!



UPDATE: Disregard my message below. This feature has returned within my mobile app. I must have caught it at a unique time where it was temporarily disabled or unavailable shortly after the update. All is well! :wink:

Did this feature for iOS get rolled back? I had access within the past few days but no longer see the option to filter my inbox. The iOS app did just recently update. Thanks! :pray:

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Hi @Marie, thanks for the update.
I really don’t understand WHY you didn’t put filters for:

  • teams
  • projects
  • assigners

And a search ONLY inside inbox.

I think that standard the ASANA user may have this behavior:

  • go to inbox
  • filter by TEAM / Project
  • check if he has something to do



Hi Riccardo,

I would suggest building out advanced reports for those filters to regularly monitor work. I use those on a regular basis. I think Asana was getting a lot of feedback that customers were losing conversations in their inbox. This is an easier way to keep up with conversations where someone @ mentions you. Here is some more documentation on how to build out some really useful advanced reports for your team and yourself. I hope this helps.


Hi Katie thanks for your reply and for the suggestion of saving advanced searches.

What I really understand (I dev softwares and dynamic websites since 1996) is why you don’t apply easy and useful suggestions of your customers.

To add in inbox two filters by TEAM and by PROJECT is an effort much smaller than discuss about it.

What do you think about it?


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I only work with one small team but I can see how those filters could definitely help if you are working across multiple teams. I would encourage you to fill out a #productfeedback and let others vote on it. Asana monitors votes in that section to help them road map new features. Good luck!


Thanks Katie,

I still wrote about it but you joined my post to other one.

Hi @Marie,

This is a great update, thank you.

Is there a way to filter so that I only receive messages about tasks that are assigned to me by someone else?

In other words, I make 10-15 tasks for myself every day, but I don’t need to see that in my inbox because… well, because I made the tasks myself. :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able to see easily when my boss or a coworker has assigned me a task without that getting lost in the clutter. In other words, I essentially want the inverse of the “Assigned by me” filter.

Any advice?

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I need the ability to filter inbox by Project as well. I struggle every week as I prepare for a 1:1 with a team member (to-do’s from our agenda we keep in Asana) to see what activity happened that I need to catch up on.
Further, it seems logical that Conversations in a Project should automatically summarize (reverse chronologically) comments and updates posted across tasks in a project.
It’s puzzling and frustrating that it’s not simple to see comments and updates summarized for a project.


Great suggestions, I can get behind them. The filters introduced were a great start. Let’s bring it up a notch.