Create a task to archive a notification: good or bad ?

This is one hell of a debate we have often with your team in Asana: should you create a task in order to be able to archive a notification and move on?

Some people would argue: creating another task is just creating more noise. You are pushing work under the rug. This task will never get done if I do this!

I strongly disagree. I believe you can’t have clarity and start working unless your Inbox is empty. Completely empty. Your Inbox is not a secondary todo list. If something is asked of you in a comment, or you want to do something related to a comment, you either do it right away or create a task for yourself.

Once your Inbox is empty, then you can start organising your My Tasks view. And if you have too much on your plate to do that specific task? Well, that’s life, isn’t it? Why would you spend a single second on something that isn’t a priority?

My team would argue “but what if this is a priority for you and I put it at the bottom of my list?”. My answer to this is: if it was a priority for me, I either make it obvious from the start, or the topic will eventually rise up again and I’ll reach out to see if you can prioritize this topic for me.

So which side are you on?


I’m with you Bastien! I’ve got lots of projects on the go right now, resulting in an uptick in inbox notifications. And what I’ve found that because I’ve mentally prioritized My Tasks at my daily “homepage” if you will, if I leave something in the inbox that needs my attention, it ends up being the last thing on my mind because it’s not in front of me regularly. I think of the inbox as information, but tasks are actions. Not everything that comes into the inbox needs me to take an action, but if it does, best practice for me is to turn it into a task so that I can properly prioritize it in my work load.

Thanks for sharing! I make sure my Inbox is empty every day, I think that’s a good rule to have :slight_smile:

I’d agree - the inbox is just a ‘FYI’ , if there is anything i need to be reminded of or to do then it’s considered a task to me

I’m a big fan of using Asana’s follow-up tasks to get to Inbox Zero. Working out of your inbox is difficult when you have new/incoming notifications throughout the day.

When you are able to reply to reply to something immediately absolutely do, but if it’s going to take time to gather information or provide a thoughtful response create a follow-up task and move on!

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Definitely inbox 0! But this isn’t the only option:

Another good tactic is to assign the task to yourself as you go through the inbox. This is a sort of intermediate tactic for those things that take more than two minutes, but don’t seem to require their own task.

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