Completed tasks notifications in the Inbox should be automatically archived



It would be helpful if completed tasks didn’t appear in the Inbox or could be filtered out. If I’ve completed it, in my mind I’m done with it. Having it to clear it from the Inbox is redundant.


If you completed the task yourself, it does appear in the Inbox, does it? :thinking:


@Bastien_Siebman It could re-appear if someone makes a comment on this task! :slight_smile: @Crystal_Fernandes-Ha Thanks for the feedback!


Yes @Marie but the notification will be about the comment, not the completeness isn’t it?


@Marie I’d expect it to show up again if someone comments or likes it, but that’s not my experience.
If I complete the task, it’s showing up in my Inbox I believe as the due date approaches, which is just clutter.
Attached is a perfect example. That task was assigned to me on Feb 2, I completed Feb 9, and today it’s in my Inbox even though it’s complete. There are no additional comments or likes.Asana%20Task%20Complete%20Inbox
Thanks guys!


I have the same experience. Notifications for tasks that I have completed remain in the inbox.

I completed the task, there has been no activity on the task, the message in my inbox regarding this task states “You have a task due September 10 (2 days ago)”. I expect this message to not be appear in my inbox.


Hi @Tim_Phillips and welcome to the Community Forum! Can you confirm if the notifications re-appears after you cleared it from your Inbox and completed the task?

When completing a task, notification won’t automatically clear up from your Inbox, but they should not re-appear after you clear them from your Inbox (unless someone comments or likes the completed task).


Hi @Marie, thanks for the response. If I archive the notification in my inbox and then complete a task, it does not return.

When completing a task, the notification doesn’t automatically archive, that’s my issue. It is redundant to have to complete the task and also archive the notification.


Got it @Tim_Phillips, thanks for clarifying! Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future! :crossed_fingers:t3:


This issue really annoys me, too. Whenever I’ve completed a bunch of tasks, my inbox becomes obfuscated with no-longer-relevant tasks that I have to manually archive, one by one. This creates needless busywork for me, and forces my attention away from the tasks that actually matter (ie. incomplete tasks).

The completed tasks remain in the inbox even if I refresh Asana or close and restart it. I really hope you address this. It’s unnecessary UX friction, and is a design flaw, in my opinion.

One way to fix the issue would be to have the inbox automatically archive completed tasks, as Crystal suggested. This could possibly be an opt-in feature that you can turn on in the settings, for those people who do like seeing completed tasks in their inbox (I’m guessing these are in the minority, but they surely exist, and their experience shouldn’t be forcibly changed)

Another way to fix the issue would be to add an Archive Completed button to the top of the inbox, alongside the current Archive All button. Since this would be a manual process that was explicitly user-initiated, this button should have an extra power: it should archive not just tasks that the user completed herself, but also tasks that were completed by others (this is what the user would expect of a button called “archive completed” anyway, and would provide an extra level of tidiness).


I’m still new to Asana, and was surprised to see completed tasks in my In Box. I thought I might have missed an option or setting to remove completed tasks from my inbox.

I’d like to see a toggle for “Show Current Tasks / Show Completed Tasks / Show All Tasks”
and an option to retain individual completed tasks in the In Box.